Formfinder: Design your dream



Formfinder is design software that is as easy to operate as a sheet of paper and a pencil. The aim is to assist architects and project planners in designing, planning and cost-effectiveness assessments for implementing membrane and foil structures.

The Formfinder software generates a productive dialogue between the client, the architect, the structural planner and the materials manufacturerreplica rolex air king.

A sketch can be quickly drawn by the hand and examined in terms of its physical, geometrical and architectural characteristics. This examination is necessary for every design since membrane structures cannot be described in terms of shape and geometry easily in drawings. The reason for this is the direct influence of material characteristics on the desired geometry and form.

Formfinder makes it possible to compare the desired design with projects already implemented. The designer's knowledge of what is built, where and how is of considerable commercial value. This knowledge forms the basis for every successful implementation project. Membrane and foil structures have become more than just the aesthetic pinnacle of modern architecture. They also represent the most booming sector in the building industry worldwide, thanks to their cost-benefit efficiency. New fields of use, such as foil-façade construction, have provided architects and manufacturers with a new fast-growing market with high spending power and high-quality expectations. The architect makes decisions on shapes and appearance with the support of Formfinder.

Its wide distribution will make Formfinder the central marketplace. The most significant step for Formfinder is the release of the online platform. The goal is to offer architects enormous possibilities for foils to enrich the world with the beauty of architectural structures.

Click here for the video on the previous version of Formfinder 5.0.